redis removes assembly blocking

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2023-02-27 17:11

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< br / > to delete large Key has these problems:

  • Client timeout blocked. Since Redis executes commands single-threaded and then takes time to manipulate large keys, it blocks Redis and, from the client's point of view, does not respond for a long, long time.
  • causes network congestion. Obtaining a large key generates a large amount of network traffic. If the size of a key is 1 MB and the access rate is 1000 per second, the traffic rate is 1000MB per second. This is disastrous for a server with a common gigabit network adapter.
  • blocks the worker thread. If you use del to delete a large key, it will block the worker thread so that subsequent commands cannot be processed.
  • The memory is unevenly distributed. In the cluster model, when slot fragmentation is uniform, data and query skew will occur. Some Redis nodes with large keys occupy a large memory, and QPS will also be large.
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2023-02-27 17:11

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