How does uniapp develop the form function of mobile app

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2023-02-27 19:03

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It is recommended that you use some third-party UI libraries to aid in development.

The following are some of the more commonly used UI libraries, all available in Uniapp:

vant-weapp: is a wechat app-based component library developed by the Youzan front-end team that can support fixed table headers, fixed columns, and so on. It's worth noting, though, that vant-weapp Weapp is targeted at small programs, so if you need to support other platforms, you need to import another library separately.

uView UI: It is a high-quality UI component library based on Vue.js, supporting multiple platforms, including wechat mini program, H5, APP, etc. It also provides table components and supports fixed table headers, fixed columns, and so on.

Element UI: is a desktop UI component library based on Vue.js. It provides complete table components and supports various customization configurations, such as fixed columns, fixed table headers, custom cell styles, etc.

If you don't find a table component in these UI libraries that suits your project's needs, you can implement one yourself. Uniapp supports the use of native applets components and apis. You can implement your own table components through applets' components and apis and encapsulate them as Vue components for you to use in Uniapp.

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