How to use native.js in vue

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Using Native.js in Vue usually requires the following steps:

Import the Native.js library.
Import the Native.js library to use Native.js in the Vue component. You can import Native.js libraries in the component's script tag via import or require.

import Native from 'native-js';
// or
const Native = require('native-js');

Calling Native.js methods in Vue components
Once the Native.js libraries have been imported, you can call Native.js methods in the methods of Vue components. For example, suppose you want to call the alert method in Native.js in a Vue component:

export default {
  methods: {
    showAlert() {
      Native.alert('Hello, world!');

In this example, we call the Native.alert method in the Vue component's showAlert method.

Note that methods in Native.js are actually called through the browser's window object. Therefore, you need to ensure that the window object is properly initialized before calling the Native.js method. Usually, this means that you need to wait for the page to load before calling the Native.js method. You can execute Native.js methods in the mounted hook function of the Vue component to ensure that the window object is properly initialized.

export default {
  mounted() {
    Native.alert('Hello, world!');

Note that the native.js method needs to be executed in a Native environment. If you call the Native.js method in a non-native environment, you may get an error. Therefore, before calling the native.js method, you need to determine if you are currently in a Native environment. A common way to do this is to check for the presence of a window.Native object.

if (window.Native) {
  Native.alert('Hello, world!');
} else {
  // not in native environment

These are the general steps for calling Native methods in Vue using native.js. It is important to note that the specific implementation may vary depending on the Native.js version and usage scenario.

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native.js does not need to run environment, as long as it is h5+

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