Optimization necessity of genetic algorithm population initialization

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2023-02-27 22:17
Second, is it necessary? I think the core is that you're not sure if you're going to end up with the shortest path in this way. For example, if I have [A1, A2... AN] N nodes, take any node as the starting node, and calculate the shortest path of the adjacent nodes is the path we found. Okay?
... I'm not sure about that hahaha, common sense tells me, rigor tells me that it's better to check once or twice with a small number of nodes.
Third, feasibility. Assuming there are n nodes, the initial node computes n-1 distance function ~~~~ =, and the penultimate node computes 1 distance function.
That is, the total computation is(1+n-1) (n-1)/2 degree distance function. As the number of nodes increases, the amount of computation will also increase gradually. Will the memory be insufficient?
The first time we compute the distance between the starting point and all the remaining points is the minimum G, right? If there are 20~30 nodes, there should be no big problem. In addition, is n
(n-1)/2 distance calculation beyond expectation? If the time is too long, it is necessary to consider how to simplify the distance function and improve the efficiency of single distance calculation.

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