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Check whether the system configuration is correct. Try increasing the jvm's memory and see if it works.

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This part of the answer refers to GPT, GPT_Pro better solution
IDEA When tomcat is running, the run does not run in circles. It may be blocked. The tomcat port may be occupied or an application in Tomcat is faulty. If blocking occurs, we need to check Tomcat for anomalies to resolve the blocking problem.

First, you can check for exceptions by looking at the Tomcat log file. Tomcat log files are stored in the logs folder of the Tomcat installation directory. catalina.out and localhost_access_log.txt are used to record Tomcat run logs and access logs, respectively. Looking at the logs for these two files, you can tell that Tomcat is blocking if there is an exception message.

Second, you can also check Tomcat's ports to see if any of them are occupied. Tomcat ports are usually configured in the conf/server.xml file. You can use the netstat -an command to view the current port status:

$ netstat -an

If the port in use is already occupied by Tomcat, information similar to the following is displayed:

tcp        0      0*               LISTEN     

If such information is displayed, the Tomcat port is occupied, and we need to determine if there are other applications using the same port. If so, we need to find out and close it.

Finally, we also check to see if there is a problem with the application deployed in Tomcat. Applications deployed in Tomcat are usually stored in the webapps directory. You can access these applications through a browser. If any application is abnormal, the Tomcat running will be blocked. At this point we need to close these applications and restart Tomcat to free up resources.

In any case, we need to check if a block is occurring when IDEA runs tomcat without a result. This includes looking at tomcat's log files, reviewing tomcat's ports, and checking the applications deployed in tomcat. With these steps, we can identify the cause of tomcat blocking and take action accordingly.
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