Can Dell 0RY007 support Intel QX9650 CPU by modifying the BIOS

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2023-02-28 00:33

According to official specifications, the Dell Inspiron 530 motherboard(Model 0RY007) supports only Intel P35 and G33 chipsets, The QX9650 CPU is not supported. Therefore, no matter how you modify the BIOS, you cannot make the motherboard support the QX9650 CPU.

Even if you have the latest BIOS installed, the QX9650 CPU is not supported. If you install QX9650 on this motherboard, the computer may not start or work properly. Therefore, it is recommended that you stick with your original processor or consider replacing it with a QX9650-capable motherboard.

If you decide to replace the motherboard, make sure that the new motherboard is compatible with your other hardware devices and choose an appropriate model for your needs.

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