grep followed by $to clarify

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In regular expressions, the $sign indicates the end of the matching string. Therefore, when you filter with "autoRunVms.sh$", only lines ending in "autoRunVms.sh" will be matched.

In the first line of output, you can see that there are two strings containing "autoRunVms.sh" : one is the command for the grep process itself, and the other is the command for the process you are searching for. Since the grep command also contains "autoRunVms.sh", when you filter with "autoRunVms.sh", both commands will be matched. But when you filter with "autoRunVms.sh$", only the end of the second command matches the regular expression, so only the second command is filtered out.

Therefore, if you want to match all lines that contain "autoRunVms.sh", use "autoRunVms.sh" to filter. If you only want to match lines ending in "autoRunVms.sh", use "autoRunVms.sh$" for filtering.

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