The winbond SDRAM(W9825G6KH-6) is too difficult to use

didadiluo 注册会员
2023-02-28 05:15

package from < a href =" https://blog.csdn.net/hihell" target="_blank"> The dream eraser Storm group based on the GPT "secret"

I learned that W9825G6KH-6 is a 2G bit SDRAM memory with 1 bank, each bank has 2048 rows and each row has a total of 8192 columns. When you use the memory, you find that the column addresses seem to fail, and you write to different column addresses twice but read the same data.

If you find this happening with SDRAM storage, there are several possible reasons:

The power supply voltage is unstable. SDRAM requires a stable supply voltage, otherwise abnormal behavior may occur. Please check that your supply voltage is within the specification range and that the supply voltage is stable.

Timing is incorrect. The timing of SDRAM is very important. Make sure that your timing meets the specifications and that the timing parameters are set correctly. Also, you need to ensure that the timing parameters of the SDRAM match the timing parameters of the controller.

The control signal is incorrect. SDRAM memory has a number of control signals, including address line, data line, clock and so on. Make sure that your control signal is set correctly and that the level of the signal conforms to the specifications.

PCB design problem. The wiring and floor surface in PCB design also affect the performance of SDRAM. Please ensure that your PCB design meets SDRAM memory design requirements and that there is no signal interference or reflection issues.