A new file appears when the project is run in c

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2023-02-28 05:30

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If a new file appears while the program is running, there may be some error or exception inside the program. Specifically, based on the error in line 25 of the file, you can analyze the cause of the error by examining the program code and correcting it.

For example, if line 25 reads "SyntaxError: invalid syntax", you may have used the wrong syntax in your program. At this point, you can examine the current line of code to see if there are any syntax errors, then modify the code and rerunn it.

If line 25 reads "NameError: name 'x' is not defined," this error may have occurred because the variable x was not defined before it was used. You can define the x variable first, and then run the program; Or, depending on the code logic, move the definition of the x variable to the front and run it again.

In short, when a new file appears, you can analyze the problem according to the error information and code logic in the file, and modify the code content according to the situation to solve the problem.
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