Wechat small program bug, real machine debugging inexplicable black box

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2023-02-28 05:52

No real debug still display black box should not be the problem of the font

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2023-02-28 05:52

package from < a href =" https://blog.csdn.net/hihell" target="_blank"> The dream eraser Storm group based on the GPT "secret"

This can be caused by missing or unsupported font files.

One possible solution is to set the -webkit-text-stroke property in the global CSS file of the wechat applet(app.wxss), for example:

* {
  -webkit-text-stroke: 1px;
  • This attribute adds stroke to the text and also resolves some font incompatibilities. Applying it to all elements eliminates the black boxes that appear in this case.

  • Also, if you are using a custom font file, check that the font file is formatted correctly and referenced correctly.

  • If none of these methods work, consider using other font files, or try upgrading the wechat developer tool and wechat mini program version.

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