windows firewall can not be opened, the system is crashing, the code is 0x8007042, enter the "service" can not be started, and wsappx program occupies a lot of memory, resulting in computer crash

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2023-02-28 06:34

There could be several possible causes for this problem, including:

1 Corrupt system files: This can cause the firewall to fail to start and cause wsappx to consume a lot of memory. Try running the System File Checker(sfc /scannow) to repair any damaged system files.

2 Malware infection: Malware may disable firewalls and occupy a large amount of memory. Run anti-virus software and perform a full system scan to detect and remove any malware.

3 Corrupted registry key: Corrupted registry key may cause firewall failure. Run the Registry repair program to repair any damaged registry keys.

4 Service Not started: If the firewall service is not started, the start button is disabled. Try opening the service manager and making sure the Windows Firewall service is running.
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2023-02-28 06:34

It seems that there is a serious problem with your computer system. It is recommended that you try the following methods to solve it:

1. Open the command prompt(CMD) to run as administrator, type the following command and press Enter:

netsh firewall reset

This command resets the Windows firewall and restores its default Settings.

2. If the preceding methods cannot solve the problem, you can use the System Restore function of Windows to restore the system to the normal state. Type "System restore" into the Windows search bar to turn on the feature, then follow the instructions.

3. If the system restore does not resolve the problem, you may need to try to reinstall the system. Back up your data and then use the Windows installation disk or USB flash drive to reinstall Windows.

4. If you are not sure how to perform the above operations, it is recommended that you seek professional computer technical support to ensure the security of your data and effectively solve the problem.

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2023-02-28 06:34

Method to close wsappx :
1. Click the System menu button in the bottom-left corner of your desktop and find microsoft store
2 in the menu that pops up. In the App Store window that opens, click the "More" button
3 in the upper right corner. Open the drop-down menu by clicking the "Settings" menu item.
4. At this time, the Settings window of the app store will be opened, and the item "Automatic app Update" will be found. The switch is on by default, and we click the switch to make it close.
5. Open the task manager, and you can see that the CPU usage of the process is zero. After a while, the wsappx process will even automatically shut down, so that the system resources are no longer used.

win firewall cannot be disabled solution :
1. Run win+r, enter regedit, and press Enter to open the registry.
2. Then go to the computer \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\mpssvc directory.
3. Double-click Start on the right.
4. Then change the value data to "4" and click OK to save. After the modification is complete, you can force the firewall to shut down.

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2023-02-28 06:34

Error code 0x8007042 Usually indicates that the Windows Firewall service cannot be started, possibly due to corrupt service configuration, registry corruption, or other system problems. Here are some possible solutions:

Perform a system file check: Open a command prompt(run as an administrator) and enter the following command to check and fix system file errors.

sfc /scannow

Run Windows Updates: Sometimes, updating your Windows system can fix many problems. Go to Settings and click "Update and Security". "Windows Update," then click "Check for Updates."

Check service status: Check the status of the Windows Firewall service in Windows Services and try to restart the service. The steps are as follows:

Open Run(press Win+R), type services.msc and press Enter to open Windows Services.
Locate the Windows Defender Firewall service and check whether its status is Stopped.
If the service is stopped, right-click it and select Start.
If the service cannot be started, check the service attributes and ensure that the service startup type is Automatic.
Fix the registry: Use Command Prompt(run as administrator) to run the following command to fix errors in the registry.

sc config trustedinstaller start=auto

sc config trustedinstaller start=auto
Disable the wsappx process: In Windows 10, wsappx is a Windows Store application service that can be disabled to reduce its memory usage. Open Settings > "Application" > "Applications and Functions" > App Store, then disable the Allow Apps to run in the background option.

If all else fails, you can consider backing up important data and reinstalling Windows to get it back up and running.

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2023-02-28 06:34

This problem may be related to the firewall service being corrupted or not starting properly. You can try running the following command at the command prompt to reset the firewall policy: netsh advfirewall reset , or try fixing the firewall service: netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state on , if that doesn't work, reinstall your system

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2023-02-28 06:34

Do Windows Update and check for updates: This will ensure you have the latest Windows updates and fixes.

Run System file inspector: At the command prompt run the "sfc /scannow" command, which will scan and repair any corrupted system files.

reset Windows Firewall: Run the "netsh firewall reset" command at the command prompt. This command will reset the configuration of Windows firewall.

Disable the wsappx process: Open the Task Manager, locate the wsappx process, right-click it and select "End Task". Then, open the Windows service, locate the Windows Application Program Management service, and stop and disable it.

If none of the above methods work, you may want to consider reinstalling Windows. Be sure to back up all important files and data before performing this operation.

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2023-02-28 06:34

Restart the computer and then restart the firewall configuration

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2023-02-28 06:34

Why do I feel like I have a virus? General software will not disable the firewall, it is recommended to take a look at the virus. Tinder or 360 can try to see if they can detect virus

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2023-02-28 06:34

This is not directly related to the firewall, resulting in such a large memory usage, should be a problem.

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2023-02-28 06:34

< P > I changed the start value as you said, I did not crash, I did notepad can be used, it has been restored, But after executing this command, it seems that there are still many mistakes, can you help to see? It has been adopted.


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