Magic error when installing two Webstorms

TANJIAN662 注册会员
2023-02-28 06:38

This shared memory phenomenon is probably due to the internal mechanism of the two WebStorm instances.

When you start WebStorm, it will create a process on your computer and a separate instance for each project or window you open. However, since you are installing the same version of WebStorm, the two instances may share some common resources, such as the Java Runtime Environment or other libraries. This may cause them to share some memory and processes, even though they are still two separate instances.

In your case, WebStorm may try to modify their shared resources when you try to update or uninstall the plugin, which may result in you not being able to successfully update or uninstall the plugin.

If you want to use multiple instances of WebStorm, be sure to install different versions and install them in different directories to avoid these problems. Also, if you want to uninstall WebStorm, try uninstalling it from the WebStorm menu first, rather than deleting the installation directory directly. This will ensure that all relevant processes have ended.