How to open liblsl-Matlab

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2023-02-28 08:23

Yes, you can use Matlab LSL Viewer to view LSL data streams. Make sure that you have installed liblsl-Matlab correctly and that you have added it to the path to Matlab.

If you do not see the data stream after opening Matlab LSL Viewer, there are several possible reasons:

No Dataflow: Ensure that your EEG data has been successfully enabled with dataflow in the application, and that the dataflow name and dataflow type are correct. You can use other LSL tools, such as LabRecorder, to check that the data stream has been started successfully.

Network setup issues: Make sure that your computer is successfully connected to the same network and that there are no network restrictions such as firewalls. You can try to temporarily turn off the firewall and ensure that the network connection is normal.

Matlab LSL Viewer Setup Problem: Make sure you have set up the Matlab LSL Viewer correctly. You can enter the lsl_get_all_streams command on the Matlab command line to see if the currently available data streams have been successfully loaded into the Matlab LSL Viewer.

File path problem: If you have installed Matlab on disk E and files such as liblsl are on disk D, the use of Matlab may be affected. Try moving the liblsl folder to the same path as Matlab and add it to the path for Matlab.

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2023-02-28 08:23

Thank you, I will try your solution.

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