pygame packaging apk error, buildozer

csxpeter0 注册会员
2023-02-28 08:34

You reported an error in packing, send the error content to me to have a look

dalin852 注册会员
2023-02-28 08:34

This answer refers to CHATGPT, GPT_Pro is better to solve the problem
From the error message, you can tell that the problem is in pygame packaging apk, android's aidl cannot be found when called in buildozer, meaning the system cannot find the aidl file.

It is possible that the version of Android SDK you installed is too low, and buildozer uses a higher version of the Android SDK than you installed, so the aidl file cannot be found. We can view the target in the buildozer. Android. Requirements defined android_api inside, see buildozer need android SDK version is how much, and then go to the website to download the corresponding version of the android SDK and install.

It is also possible that your Android SDK directory is incorrect and you cannot find the aidl file. Change the buildozer.spec Android. sdk_path property to your correct Android SDK directory path.

It may also be because you don't have Android Build Tools installed, or have the wrong version installed. In this case, you need to use Android Studio or SDK Manager to install the corresponding version of Android Build Tools.

In summary, you can try the above three methods to solve the problem of pygame packaging apk error.
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