How does code with a close Angle bracket run in pycharm

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2023-02-28 10:18

1. Your code syntax is all wrong. The return value from input is not assigned to the variable
2. You don't have Angle brackets in your code at all
3. Take a little bit of python grammar and start working on programming problems. You now have an input and don't even know what a variable is, so don't get too esoteric.

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2023-02-28 10:18

This answer quotes ChatGPT

In Python, the right Angle bracket(">"; These close Angle brackets are typically used in interactive command line prompts to indicate the indentation level of a block of code, and are not required in actual writing Python code. When writing code, you simply enter the Python code you need.

For the input() function, you can use double or single quotes to refer to the prompt message and input data, such as:

name = input("请输入您的名字:")


data = input('请输入数据:')

In PyCharm, you can run Python code in two ways, the second of which is more commonly used:

Runs the code directly in PyCharm's Terminal:
opens the PyCharm terminal, usually in the "terminal" TAB on the bottom panel.
Go to the directory that contains the code files.
Run the code file, for example:

python my_code.py

where "my_code.py" is the file name of your code.

Runs the code in PyCharm's editor:
opens your code file.
Click the green Run button at the top left of the editor window or press the shortcut "Shift+F10"(Windows) or "Control+R"(Mac).
If you have not already created a run configuration, select "Create 'my_code'"(where "my_code" is the file name of your code) and press Enter, and PyCharm will create a configuration for you.
PyCharm runs the code and displays the output in the bottom panel.

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