WPF program calls USB camera communication

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2023-02-28 11:22

LibUsbDotNet How to monitor can you tell me in detail?

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2023-02-28 11:22
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2023-02-28 11:22
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how to listen?

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2023-02-28 11:22

  • To listen for the photo button on a USB camera in a WPF program, you need to use the communication protocol of the USB interface. This protocol is usually provided by the USB camera manufacturer and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If your camera manufacturer does not provide a communication protocol, do research to find out how to communicate with the device.
  • One possible solution is to use a USB communication protocol analysis tool, such as USBlyzer or USB Snoopy, to analyze the traffic with the camera to determine how to communicate with the camera. You can also try using Windows' USBView utility to see the communication information with your USB device.
  • Once the communication protocol is determined, you can use a USB library in C#, such as LibUsbDotNet or WinUSBNet, to listen to the USB communication port and receive commands from the camera. The implementation method may vary with devices and communication protocols. Therefore, you need to adjust and modify the implementation method based on the actual situation.
  • In summary, you need to listen to the USB communication port to receive commands from the camera by analyzing the USB communication protocol and using the associated USB library.

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