How do we use solve in MATLAB

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2023-02-28 13:07

use solve instead of solve

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2023-02-28 13:07

This answer references ChatGPT
We can use numerical methods, such as using the solve function to solve numerically.

Here is the code implementation:

% 定义函数
f = @(x) x.*cos(x)-sin(x);

% 求解
x0 = vpasolve(f, [0, 6]);

% 绘制函数图像
x = linspace(0, 6, 1000);
y = f(x);
plot(x, y)

% 添加交点标记
hold on
plot(x0, f(x0), 'ro')

Explain each step of the above code:

Define the function f as $f(x)=x\cos(x)-\sin(x)$.
Use the vpasolve function to numerically solve the solution of the equation $f(x)=0$in the interval $[0,6]$, and the returned solution is stored in the variable x0.
Use the linspace function to generate 1000 points with equal spacing from 0 to 6 as the x-coordinate.
Calculate the function value at each point as the y coordinate.
plot the function image using the plot function.
Use the hold on command to add subsequent graphs to the same graph.
Use the plot function to add markup at the intersection.
Run the above code to get the image and the intersection position.