openEuler visualbox An error message is displayed during gaussDB preinstall on a VM. How can I solve the problem?

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2023-02-28 15:07

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  • According to the error message, Look because the execution python3 '/ opt/software/openGauss script/local/PreInstallUtility. Py' - create_cluster_paths -u omm - g DBGRP - X Opt/software/openGauss clusterconfig. Xmi '1'/var/log/gaussdb/omm/om/gs_local og 'in the wrong.

  • Specifically, the error message is GAUSS-50202J: The ropt/gaussdb must be empty. Or user Lomm] has write permission to directory /opt/gaussdb. Because it will create symbolic link L/opt/gaussdb Yapp] to install path I/opt/gaussdb/app_78689da91 in gs_install process with this user, Symbolic link L/opt/gaussdb yapp] to install path I/opt/gaussdb/ APP_78689da91 in gs_install process with this user, Content already exists in the /opt/gaussdb directory, or user omm does not have the permission to write to the directory.

  • The solution is to check whether the /opt/gaussdb directory already has contents. If yes, back up or delete the contents. Then, check whether user omm has the permission to write data into the /opt/gaussdb directory. If you do not have permission, you can run the chown command to change the owner of the directory to the current user omm, or run the chmod command to grant write permission.

Once you've done this, run the PreInstallUtility.py script again.

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