The LTspice simulation failed to find the definition for the model "GND"

dj215421291 注册会员
2023-02-28 18:14

Hello, regarding the LTspice simulation you proposed, the definition of model "GND" cannot be found:
1, Maybe you use GND is not a model, but you use it in the way of a model, resulting in the message does not recognize the defined GND model
2, if you really need to use the GND model, it means that you have not loaded this model. For some models that do not exist in LTspice, we can download the established model library online. A collection of models made by the Lib.zip Yahoo group is recommended here.

cuiyanlong82 注册会员
2023-02-28 18:14

Refer to GPT and yourself, this error is probably due to you using an undefined model in your analog circuit, including the "GND" model. This may be because you have not set up the emulation environment correctly or are using incorrect library files.

To solve this problem, follow these steps:
1 Confirm the simulation environment: Before simulating the circuit, you need to make sure that you have set up the simulation environment correctly. Make sure you have specified the correct supply voltage, circuit element parameters, connection mode, etc.

2 Check models: All components and models used in your circuit should be obtained from reliable sources and have been properly added to your LTspice library. If you have downloaded library files for components or models, make sure you have imported them properly into LTspice. If not, please import the file first.

3 Check component pins: Check that the component pins you use in the circuit are properly connected. Make sure that all pins are properly connected to other components or power supplies and that they match the schematic symbols.

4 Redefining GND: Try redefining GND if it is not correctly defined in your circuit. In LTspice, GND is defined as a special node and must be defined correctly. You can connect a ground node(for example, VSS) to the ground pins of all components in the circuit to define GND.

If the above steps do not solve the problem, please provide more details, such as the library file you are using, error information, so as to better help you solve the problem.

diyuershi 注册会员
2023-02-28 18:14

the reference answer GPT ᴼ ᴾ ᴱ ᴺ ᴬ ᴵ < br / > this error may be due to your circuit element models used in the undefined" GND ". In LTspice, "GND" is not a model, but a special node name used to represent the grounding point of a circuit.

This error message indicates that the definition of the "GND" model cannot be found, which indicates that either a necessary ground connection is missing in your circuit or you incorrectly use "GND" as the model name when defining the device.

To solve this problem, you can try the following steps:

  1. Verify that the ground wire is properly connected in your circuit. The Ground wire can be connected to your circuit using LTspice's "Ground" tool.

  2. Check that you used the correct model name when defining the device. In LTspice, the model name should match exactly the name defined in the model library, otherwise the model definition will not be found.

  3. If you are using a custom model, make sure that it is properly defined and added to LTspice's model library. If you are using a third-party model library, make sure it is properly imported into LTspice.