mp-html parsing image distortion

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2023-02-28 19:13

Image distortion is usually caused by the image being scaled or stretched. When working with images in rich text, there are several possible reasons:

The picture is compressed: If the picture is over-compressed, it may lose a lot of detail, which can cause blurring.

Tunings based on Monster Group and GPT:
Picture being stretched: If the aspect ratio of the image does not match the size of its display, it may be stretched or compressed, resulting in image distortion.

Image resolution is too low: If the resolution of the image is too low, that is, the number of pixels is too small, then the image may be blurred when displayed.

For these possible problems, try the following methods:

Check the resolution of the picture: Make sure the resolution of the picture is high enough so that the detail is not lost when it is displayed.

Check the compression ratio of the image: If the image is over-compressed, try uploading an uncompressed image again.

Check the width Settings in the stylesheet: If the width is set incorrectly in the stylesheet, the image may be stretched or compressed. Make sure to use the correct style sheet width setting, such as max-width: 100%, not width: 100%.

Add object-fit properties to the image: If you are using a CSS framework such as Bootstrap, try adding object-fit properties to the image to avoid stretching or compression. For example, object-fit: cover;

Improve quality by changing the picture format: Some picture formats, such as JPEG, lose some detail when compressed. You can try uploading images in PNG format to avoid compression and distortion.

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