c# calls c++ to try to read or write to protected memory

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To understand the whole process of C# calling C++, it is recommended to follow these steps:

Understand the basic syntax and programming concepts of C# and C++. Learn about their respective features, including syntax, data types, memory management, and so on.

Understand how C# and C++ interact. This includes P/Invoke, COM interoperation, CLR internal calls, etc.

Learn how to use P/Invoke to call C++ functions. P/Invoke is a mechanism for calling unmanaged functions in C#, declaring C++ functions via the DllImport property, and using the Marshal class for parameter conversion and memory management.

Learn how to use C++ objects in C#. C++ objects cannot be accessed directly from C#. You need to use P/Invoke or COM interop techniques to encapsulate C++ objects as COM objects or C# accessible proxies.

Understand COM interoperation technology. COM is a component object model that enables C# and C++ to interoperate. Learning COM interoperation techniques includes creating COM components, registering COM components, and using COM objects.

Understand CLR internal calls. CLR internal calls are an efficient way to interact between C# and C++ by calling C++ code directly and passing managed objects.

The above are the basic steps to learn C# call C++, through systematic learning and practice, you can have a deeper understanding of the whole process of C# call C++.

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