Currently, a spike wave is obtained through a differential circuit with an output current of only a few uA. Is there any way to increase the amplitude and retain the peak of this spike wave(previously tried with an in-phase amplifier, although the current

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2023-02-28 22:10

No current or voltage that cannot be amplified

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2023-02-28 22:10

Flat because of saturation distortion, VB point potential is too high

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2023-02-28 22:10

  • Using amplifiers: You mentioned using in-phase amplifiers, but the peaked waves are whittled into domes. This may be because the bandwidth of the in-phase amplifier is too low to amplify the high frequency component of the peak wave. You can try using a higher bandwidth amplifier to amplify the signal. In addition, you can also consider using nonlinear amplifiers, such as feedback amplifiers or multipliers, to amplify high frequency components.

Using a filter: Before amplifying the signal, a high-pass filter is used to remove the low-frequency component in order to better amplify the high-frequency component of the peaked wave. The bandwidth of the filter should match the frequency range of the signal to preserve the characteristics of the peak wave.

  • Increase the amplitude of the signal: If the amplitude of the signal is too low, consider using an amplifier or other gain to increase the amplitude of the signal. However, it is important to note that excessive increase in the amplitude of the signal may cause distortion, which can lead to a change in the shape of the peaked wave.
  • Change the signal source: If the signal source you are using does not provide a large enough signal amplitude, you can try to use another signal source, such as a laser pulse generator or a high-frequency signal generator.

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2023-02-28 22:10
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only 10-1000 hz frequency also need a high frequency

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